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Authenticity & Safety

Circle Lenses' Authenticity and Safety

Mcleye, established in 2022, specializes in natural contact lenses, cosplay contact lenses, and a variety of other classic series contact lenses. We have always adhered to the "customer first" principle in order to provide first-rate contact lens products that meet international quality standards such as the US FDA, ISO, and CE. Because we prioritize your health and safety, Mcleye strictly controls product quality in our factory and makes adjustments based on every suggestion from our customers.

Mcleye wants to express a trendy idea: "My colorful eyes," which connects make-up and cosmetic color contact lenses to help our customers express themselves from the inside out.

100% Authenticity Guaranteed

We are willing to pay more money and time to be one excellent supplier for tens of thousands of loyal customers around the world because we are located in Hong Kong, which has convenient transportation and gives us access to various latest products from Korea and Japan. Mcleye runs our business for the long term and is well-known around the world due to his excellent reputation and responsible attitude.

All of Mcleye's contact lenses have been tested in a complicated procedure to ensure your health. Such as immersing these contact lenses in boiling water to ensure that wearing Mcleye's colored contact lenses at high temperatures is safe.

When you choose Mcleye, you are choosing safe, high-quality, all-around customer service.

How do you choose good contact lenses?

Mcleye, as one of the responsible contact lens suppliers, is always on the lookout for comfortable and best-quality contact lenses. We believe that it is our sacred duty and obligation to protect each customer's health and benefit. These are some simple tips that will assist you in quickly distinguishing fake-colored contact lenses.

Because colored eye contacts are medical equipment that is heavily regulated by the government, only suppliers are permitted to obtain an Operator's Certificate for medical equipment. When buying circle lenses, you can ask the seller to show you this license. Do not purchase color lenses from a company or factory that does not have this permit.

Every qualified colored contact lens has a single unique registration number, indicating that it is legal to sell on the market. As a result, when purchasing an eye lens, you can ask the seller for this number. If not, you should select another.

If the contact lenses are imported from another country, the entire label, import medical machinery permit, or medical equipment registration number must be displayed in the product package. At the same time, the domestic factor's company name, address, and phone number must be printed on the product packaging.

The product brand, description, production time, supplier information, and approval number are all printed on the package of genuine colored eye contact. When you open the package, you should check to see if it is genuine. Furthermore, these fake contact lenses can be identified by lustrous and lettering print trails.

Authentic colored contact lenses usually have vibrant colors, thin lenses, and no impurities, streaks, or spots. They will become sufficiently soft after absorbing water, with good flexibility and a smooth edge. On the other hand, if the colored eye contact is hazy, too intense, or filthy, it could be a forgery.

Besides offering you first-class contact lens products at a competitive price, Mcleye’s customer service is here to deal with any problem that you meet related to Mcleye’s colored contact lenses or just lens questions. You should be patient when you wear colored contact lenses for the first time, then you will get used to them. Hope you have great circle lens shopping and wearing experience, Mcleye is always here to help you.