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Common Questions

Are Mcleye Contacts safe?
Yes. All of our contact lenses are manufactured in strict line with international standards and conform with FDA, CE, and ISO 13485. It's absolutely safe to wear FDA-approved colored contact lenses that are prescribed to you and fitted by your optometrist. They're just as safe as regular contact lenses as long as you follow basic hygiene rules when inserting, removing, changing, and storing your contacts.
Should contacts be blurry at first?
For new contact lens wearers, some blurriness is normal. The distortion frequently occurs from dryness. To offset moisture loss, consult your eye doctor about medicated eye drops or pick up over-the-counter drops at your local drugstore. Do not drive or ride a bike if your vision is blurry.
How much do your color contact lenses cost?
Our color contact lenses are priced differently depending on the style you choose depends on a lot of factors.  Generally, they cost between $15 and $25 a pair.
I would like to upload reviews for your products. Are there any rewards that I can receive for doing so?

Thank you for your Mcleye reviews; please provide us the link to your reviews via email or other means. After reviewing your evaluation, our team will reward you. We will provide some rebates or free products with your next order.

*If you are interested in a long-term collaboration with our brand, you can learn about our Affiliate program and apply to join in. Thanks for your support!


What material is the Mcleye lens made of?

Mcleye contact lenses are comprised of cutting-edge unique silicone hydrogel polymer materials. This material's unique chemical allows for a high flow of oxygen via contact lenses. Mcleye contact lenses are designed to fit comfortably on the eye.

** Before purchasing, please review the product details on the product page.

Do I need a prescription? What if I don't require vision correction?

The option (SPH/Prescription) value -0.00 means 'non-prescription' or Plano. Hence, if you don't need prescription glasses, simply purchase them for the value of -0.00. Otherwise, other degrees pick please according to the prescription issued by your eye doctor.

*NOTE: Customers with prescriptions that list any value of CYL and AXIS, or SPH containing (+), should not buy Mcleye Contacts. Customers with these values have Astigmatism or Hyperopia, for whom Mcleye Contacts are not recommended.

Do you carry (+) prescription lenses for Farsightedness?

Sorry, Mcleye's lens does not yet applicable to farsight. Farsightedness lenses are still in development, however, we will notify you as soon as they are ready for release.

I received defective/wrong products. What should I do?

*** Please do not discard items or labels until Mcleye has resolved the issue.

If you received a defective/wrong product, please send us an email with a picture of the goods and the label. Our customer service department will assist you right away!
(The image you supplied us will be utilized in future quality-improvement sessions with the factory. It is also used by our support team to validate the goods.)

For more details, please check our Exchanges & Returns Policy.

How long do your contacts last?

Our lenses have a 12-month lifespan.
Nonetheless, we recommend that you utilize it for 8-10 months. Because protein deposits and certain germs stick to the surface of the lens during the wearing process, these protein deposits cannot be entirely eliminated by washing. The longer you wear it, the more protein deposits you get.

Please limit your usage cycle to 8-10 months for your eye health.

How To Wear / Remove / Clean the contact lenses?

※ Before wearing, removing, or cleaning the lens, wash your hands to avoid transferring dirt and bacteria to your eye. Avoid moisturizing soaps since they are harmful to contact lenses. Finally, using a lint-free towel, dry your hands.


1. Clean the lens case with flowing water and fill it with lens solution. The lens solution must be used for storage. Do not use the lens solution to clean your lenses.

2. Remove the lens from the container and submerge it thoroughly in the lens solution in the lens case. Let it soak for at least 10 minutes.

3. To avoid damaging the lens, lift it with silicon-treated lens tweezers.

4. Verify whether the lens is flipped or not. Colors may seem different or cause pain if the lens is flipped out.

5. Using a mirror, carefully approach the lens near the cornea and softly attach it (Mind not to close an eye).

6. If the lens is properly connected to the cornea, carefully remove the finger used to broaden the eyelid.


1. Discard the lens solution from the lens case and clean it with flowing water.

2. Insert a new lens case solution. Do not add more to the original solution.

3. Examine a mirror carefully to determine the placement of a lens.

4. Lift an upper eyelid with the left hand's finger, drop a lower eyelid with the right hand's middle finger, and pluck the bottom half of the lens out with the right hand's thumb and index finger. Be careful not to let your fingernails touch the lens.

※ EVERY THREE MONTHS, the lens case must be replaced. The lens solution in the lens case should be changed AT LEAST ONCE A DAY, and lenses should not be stored in the same solution for longer than three days.


1. Cleanse your hands to avoid transferring dirt and bacteria to your eyes. Avoid moisturizing soaps since they are harmful to contact lenses. Finally, using a lint-free towel, dry your hands.

2. Use the suggested solution to clean the lens. Cleaning eliminates buildup from the eyes, cosmetics, and other debris that interferes with lens comfort. Even if you use a "no-rub" product, the FDA suggests rubbing the lens in the palm of your hand with a few drops of solution.

3. Clean the lens again to remove the loosened particles, making sure to take as long as the package directs: Rinsing is a critical step.

4. Put the lens in a clean lens case or lens holder and fill it with a new solution; do not "top off" with the old solution.

5. Steps two through four should be repeated for the other lens.
How long should you wear contacts the first time?

After applying color contact to the eye, you may wear the lenses for roughly 8 hours. This may vary across brands.

When you first start using contacts, it's recommended to gradually increase the amount of time you wear them each day. You may wear your contacts for four hours on your first day, then add one hour each day after that.


What are my payment options?
We take PAYPAL and credit cards. You will be led to the PayPal site to enter your card information after selecting PayPal at checkout.  Or choose the credit card option when you check out to complete the payment. When the transaction is complete, you will be sent to the 'ORDER COMPLETE' page, where you may review your order information once more. 
I don't have a PayPal account. Can I pay using my Credit card without logging in to PayPal?

Even if you do not have a PayPal account, you can pay using a credit card, debit card, or bank account balance.
When you check out, there are Paypal and credit card options, just choose the payment method you want.

I got charged more than what I purchased.
We do not charge any additional fees other than the product price and delivery cost and tips (if have) shown on our website. If the amount debited from your account does not match the balance indicated after checkout, please contact PayPal customer service or obank.
What should I do when my payment has been declined?

You can contact us at service@mcleye.com to exclude the Problems arising from Mcleye settings or call your bank and verify that you would like the transaction to go through. Following that, you may resubmit your order.


I've placed multiple orders. Could there be a problem?
If more than one order is placed to the same receiver & address at the same time, Mcleye will send the customer an email to confirm whether or not the orders are duplicated. Hence, if you place a new purchase while another order is still being processed, the delivery may be delayed due to the confirmation procedure.
I need to cancel my order. What should I do?

If your order has not yet been dispatched from our distribution center, you can cancel it by contacting us through email. During business hours, our customer service team will review your email and cancel your order.

If you received a tracking number via email, it means your item has already been shipped out and taken by the courier. It is not possible to cancel an order that has already been dispatched. Please contact us at service@mcleye.com in this instance.

Can I apply a coupon code after the order is placed?

Discount codes can only be used before an order is placed during checkout. If you ordered without using a discount code, you may cancel your order and re-order with the coupon code or directly contact us.

* If you do not use the coupon code and instead write it in the order note, the discount code will not be applied to the order.

How do I change the shipping address for my order?

If you need to change your shipping details, please email us at Contact-Us with the subject 'Modify Order (Pre-ship)'.

*Please note that after an order has been dispatched, it cannot be redirected to another address. Please see our Exchanges & Returns policy in this situation.


Can I upgrade the shipping to an existing order?

Yes, upgrading the delivery method for an existing purchase is available for orders that have not been sent.

Please send us an email with the information. We need the details for the delivery method you wish to change as well as your existing order number. If you don't remember your order number, please provide the email address you used to place your initial order.

If you provide incorrect information and our staff is unable to locate the order, or the order has been sent while we await your response, we will be unable to amend the original order. Please verify your information again before emailing it to us.

During business hours, our team will contact you and send you an email. You can confirm the adjustments in the email and deposit the difference by clicking the link. After receipt of payment, the purchase will be sent within normal business hours.

Tracking has not been updated for a few days. Are there any problems with my order?
Don't worry, we will continue to monitor the logistics information of your order. Sometimes there may be delays or gaps in the tracking updates, but rest assured that we are working closely with the shipping carrier to ensure your package arrives on time. If there are any major issues or delays, we will contact you immediately to provide an update. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
What are the different shipping methods?

* We would like to inform you that the shipping options available for delivery are subject to change owing to international circumstances.

Standard Shipping is the shipping service provided by the post office.

DHL Express is provided by DHL Express (Global).

What is the Estimated Time for Delivery?

The delivery date for the post office delivery service is determined by the processing speed of each country's post office, so please verify the delivery date on the product page before purchase.

On average, DHL express takes 3 to 6 business days. 

Further information is available at:  https://www.mcleye.com/pages/shipping-delivery

I placed an order, where can you ship it?
We have warehouses in the United States and Hong Kong, and we will ship your order from the nearest warehouse based on the products you ordered. Packages will be shipped within 48 hours of your purchase is placed. At the same time, you will receive an email notification once the shipment has been dispatched. The tracking number inside is used to follow the package's timely status.
Why does the tracking data show that my order has been delivered even though I haven't received it yet?

When shipments arrive at the local post office, the status is often updated as 'delivered or completed delivery,' rather than when they are delivered to an address. Please wait 2 business days for delivery after receiving the update. Or you can contact the local post office for the package status.

If your order is not delivered within that time frame, please contact us. We will coordinate with our shipping partners to find your order.

Order Tracking

How can I track my order?

After checkout, an email with order confirmation is issued.

A ship-out notice email is issued when an order is completed and sent.

Customers may track their orders after getting a ship-out notice email. You can track your package via our website "track my order".

Please contact us if you require any more information about tracking or purchase processing.